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Magic Safeguard Surface cleaner & disinfectant Packed 6 x 750ml

Magic Safeguard Surface cleaner & disinfectant Packed 6 x 750ml
A multi-surface cleaner/sanitiser with proven effectiveness against a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Independently tested to BS EN 1276 standard for biocidal efficacy at a contact time of 5 minutes. Tested against a recognised Norovirus surrogate and has proven effective in controlling viral outbreaks in the education, hospitality and leisure sectors.
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MAGIC SAFEGUARD is used directly from the bottle as a ready to go solution and requires no dilution with water. Suitable for a wide variety of cleaning operations in residential care, washroom, housekeeping, leisure and building services applications. The product contains a blend of biocides and surfactants to clean and disinfect all hard surfaces. It should be used on all frequently touched surfaces, such as hand rails, balustrades, door handles, bathroom fittings, etc., where the risk of cross contamination is highest. Can be safely used on floors, carpets, and upholstery.

Caution: Do not allow to dry onto glass surfaces.

Clean-As-You-Go Hygiene
Remove gross debris. Spray directly onto the surface or equipment. Depending on the degree of soiling allow sufficient time for the product to penetrate the soil. Agitate heavily soiled areas if necessary, then simply wipe away with a clean cloth or absorbent paper to leave a fresh clean surface.

Cross-Contamination Prevention
Where there is a risk of cross contamination, we recommend a two stage process as best practice:
Stage 1 Cleaning: Remove debris then spray directly onto the surface or equipment and allow sufficient time for the product to penetrate the soiling, agitating heavily soiled areas if necessary. Rinse with fresh clean water or wipe down with a clean damp cloth.
Stage 2 Sanitising: Spray directly onto the surface, ensuring an even coverage. Allow 5 minutes contact time before rinsing the surface with fresh clean water or a clean damp cloth. Allow to air-dry or dry the surface with a separate clean dry cloth.

Note: 1x750ml of this product is contained in the Arpal Body Spillage Kit.

Not classified as hazardous, however we advise that normal hygiene practices are adopted. Avoid contact with eyes and wear rubber gloves for repeated or prolonged use. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical advice if irritation occurs. For detailed advice on safe handling and storage of the product refer to the product Safety Data Sheet.

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